Home and Mini Farm Hydroponics

An Introduction

In this tutorials I am going to address the basics of Hydroponics, things that are usually too small to be mentioned in professional publications (you are supposed to know that already!), but things that are important enough to cost you both time and money.

How can I grow tomatoes without the substrate: wouldn't it fall? Yes, as well as with substrate. Your plants will need support, and arranging it is different from what you do when they are in the ground.

How to place a seed (of whatever plant) in a plastic "glass" from Amazon: it keeps sliding through holes in it and into the tank with nutrients solution.
And when I use substrate, it gets into the solution, byte by byte, and then my pump gets clogged!

How (with what) should I measure the light intencity (they want a fortune for a light meter, is there an alternative)?

Is microgreens easy? (Spoiler: no, it isn't, unless you do it right!)

Can I do it without those red-blue lamps?

And what can I do with unicellular algae that eat my solution?

And by the way, why my micro nut smells as if something died?

And so on... Either you will have to invent a bike, over and over again, or you learn on someone elses' mistakes. Of course, you can also use forums, but it is always better to have a end to end solution, rather than trying to pull it all together from unrelated sources.

This site is mostly for Home and Mini Farms (Hobby Farms) Hydroponics fans.

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