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Let's begin with the water. If you got hard or dirty water in your area, filter it. If it contains chlorine, let it stay for about a day, before using it. On my photos you can sometimes see the black bucket - this its it.

As for containers, they must be painted or better, covered with foil. I use foil. Some people use mirror adhesive lavsan film, yes, it is more convenient and looks nicer, but look through it at a light sourse. Yes, it lets the light through, which means algae will compete with your plants for nutrition.


Foil should also cover the lid - especially the lid! - and even white circular bit of foamed polyethilens, in theory, should be covered.


On the same photo you can see a hole in the center of a lid, where we put the plastic cup glass with the plant; another smaller hole is for the pipe going from air compressor. It is a good idea to have an extra hole or two (with lids), what is called "sensor well": we use it to add solution, to measure pH and temperature and so on.

sensor well

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