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Approach we use

In the net, you will find few different methods one can use for hydroponics. we can raise level of a solution for, say, 15 minutes every hour, this way roots are exposed to both water and air. Or we can make water run, so roots are pertially submerged. Or we can water our plants, drop by drop, in a steady slow way.

Each approach has its advantages as well as disadvantages, but when it comes to the simplicity, DWC (Deep Water Culture) is the best. Just tank with water and a compressor.

First of all, it is REALLY easy (and even easier, if you use Kratly method and get rid of a compressor). Second, chances that something goes wrong are close to zero. Pump will not move all the water to the floor, submergeable pump will not "sink", drop dosator will not get clogged...

So, a pipe with the "air stone" (just like in an aquarium) and that's it, compressor, solution and light tight container.

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