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Basic microgreen agriculture :) is simple. Take a plastic box, one they sell frozen dinners in a food store, and place a plastic napkin in it. We use napkin so root have some support, and plastic is beter than paper, because paper can be eaten with microbes.

By the way, do not worry about roots not being able to puncture the napkin: they will have no problems doing it.

Then put seeds on that napkin and add some water.

microgreen seeds

planting microgreens


Parsley grows well. Fennel grows VERY well. Arugula is ok but a bit slow.

microgreens growing

Salad is great, too.


I think that, considering low cost of seeds, you can plant couple of types each in its own tray, to see what you like more.


I don't recomment growing (as a microgreen) cabbage, beet and mustard.

microgreens cabbage, beet and mustard

Cereals are just horrible. If you can not arrange some of a running water system and powerful aeration - stay away from it. Corn will have mold all around it within a day. It will not affect its growth, but your family will abandon you.

Sunflower will have mold within an hor - I am not kidding!

As for pumpkin, it is not good for microgreens: it is bitter.

In the same time, if you plant, say, nut the way I describe below, it will grow well, florish, fill entire container with its roots, in other words, it prospers. The trick with nut (and with corn and sunflower) to make sure its roots are in water, while the "corn" itself isn't. So you will have to place nuts ON TOP of a mineral wool mate and make sure mate is wet while the seed is not.

Below I have pictures for nut growing in a container, note that the seed it located on top of a foamed polyethilene disk, so it doesn't touch water.

Two more words about nut. If you are just a beginner and want to get some experience, start with a single plant of nut.

First germinate it in a dish with water (no pre-processing required). Then, after the root is formed, put it on a polyethilene floating disk (see below). Then let it float in a one liter container. Just make sure there is no direct contact between seed and water.

Nut is a very forgiving plant, it grows well (you will have to work as a bee at some point though) and it is very hard to kill.

Growing nut

Growing nut in a plastic container

Growing nut hydroponically

Harvesting microgreens is a hard unauthomated work: you will have to use tiny scissors or something like that.

By the way, some people grow microgreens without napkins. As the result, they have a tight net of interleaving roots... and they claim that it is eatable. Why not?

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